From childhood on, Frédéric Gautier was fascinated by the mineral world. He began working at the mineralogy gallery of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris. These few years provided him with an expertise in gemology and nurtured a subtle, refined taste for precious objects.

He set out in 1994 to follow his dreams and settled on the big island of Madagascar. He became a mining prospector and his taste for prime mineral materials soon inspired him to transform them in his own lapidary workshop. In time, the field of his creations broadened and he began using metals to create his own designs.


With a hint of art deco, Frédéric’s works present geometric shapes with straight and clean lines with a certain symmetry. The metal used, mainly brass diverges according to the finishes, sometimes satin, polished or sanded, they can also be gilded, silvered, patinated or even lacquered and varnished.

The stones’ translucence and colors blend harmoniously with the metal’s texture and luster. LED Lighting is an integral part of the work, subtly underscoring the force and beauty emanating from the gems. The mind can set out and explore an infinite world.

His sculptures are unique pieces or parts of a series.